DÜNA® Insulation Plate Dowel

Scope of application:

  • Plastered facade
  • Fixing element for heat insulation boards
  • Mounting substrate: concrete, natural stone, masonry of brick. For vertically perforated bricks and hollow blocks, tests need to be performed in advance

Technical Data

Plate: Ø 60 mm
Shaft: Ø 10 mm
Material plastic sleeve: plastic
Material expanding pin: plastic
Bore hole: Ø 10 mm
Bore hole depth: 40 mm min
Installation depth: 30 mm min
Recommended: 5 pieces per m2


  1. Drilling a bore hole Ø a 10 mm with a bore hole depth of 40 mm min.
  2. Insert the isolation plate dowel, the plate sits flush on the insulation
  3. Drive in the plastic expanding pin
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